The Coffee Corner

Bloomsbury Coffee House


Always going the same places when travelling is a bad habit I’m trying to kick. That’s why, after having walked past it many times, I finally went down the stairs to Bloomsbury Coffee House. It’s placed – you guessed it – in Bloomsbury which is one of the quieter neighbourhoods in central London. The rickety tables and mismatched chairs form a cosy atmosphere to have good and long conversation in or to spread out with papers, books and your computer for a bit of work.


While it’s more a coffee house than a café, you’ll still be able to order a good and healthy breakfast or lunch with options that would suit most dietary requests. They offer a variety of day-fresh salads along with different wraps, sandwiches and quiches. With free Wi-Fi, lots of power sockets and skillfully brewed Allpress Coffee close at hand this coffee house is ideal for studying and the staff don’t mind you sitting there for several hours.



20 Tavistock Place

London WC1H 9RE


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